About Us

The Florida Tomato Committee (FTC) is a Federal Marketing Order (No. 966) that regulates the handling of tomatoes grown in Central and South Florida. The Marketing Order authorizes the FTC to set quality and grade standards and to regulate container and pack types. These regulations are in effect from October 10 to June 15 each year and are enforced by USDA inspections. The Committee itself consists of 20 tomato growers, elected by their peers, to oversee all FTC activities and to set regulations before each season. Day-to-day activities are managed by FTC staff.

The FTC, through an assessment on each box of tomatoes that is inspected, funds research and promotion programs to support the industry. The research is typically conducted with partners at the University of Florida, focusing on tomato breeding, disease and insect management, soil science, food safety, and precision agriculture / automation. Promotion programs support retail and food service partners to help increase sales of Florida tomatoes.

Florida tomatoes represent quality you can trust. The FTC’s standards are the toughest in the world to ensure that Florida tomatoes are the best you can buy.