Florida tomatoes are traded throughout all of North America and Japan. In every market we appear, you can be sure that Florida tomatoes follow some of the strictest regulations that exist for any produce in the U.S. or abroad. These regulations are in place to assure that wherever you find a Florida tomato, you can be certain that it is of the highest quality.

While there are slight differences in some of the regulations for foreign and domestic markets, Florida tomatoes adhere to a set of standards for size, shape, and color to make sure that you can always get a consistent product from Florida.



                    • Registered Tomato Handler:
                      A tomato handler who is certified as a registered handler is a handler who has adequate facilities to meet the requirements for preparing tomatoes for market, obtains inspection on tomatoes handled, agrees to handle tomatoes in compliance with the order’s grade, size and container requirements, pays applicable assessments on a timely basis, submits reports required by the Committee, and agrees to comply with other regulatory requirements on the handling of tomatoes grown in the production area.
                    • Use this link for the Tomato Handler Application

                      Fill out the form online: Tomato Handler Application

                    • Repacker:
                      A certified Tomato Repacker is a repacker of tomatoes in the regulated area who has the facilities for handling, regrading, resorting, and repacking tomatoes into consumer sized packages and has been certified by the Committee.

                    • Use this link for the Repacker Application

                      Fill out the form online: Repacker Application

                    • Certificate of Privilege:
                      Handlers desiring to make shipments of tomatoes for relief, charity, pickling, processing, export, and experimental purposes, or such other purposes.

                    • Use this link for the Certificate of Privilege Application

                      Fill out the form online: Certificate of Privilege Application

                    • Approved Receiver of Special Purpose Shipments Application

                      Fill out the form online: Approved Receiver of Special Purpose Shipments Application

                    • Approved Receivers must be applied for each season. Attach the Application for Registration as an Approved Receiver of Special Purpose Shipments and a copy of the Certificate of Privilege Procedures. Please forward a copy of the application and procedures to each potential receiver you expect to ship to. The application must be completed, signed, and approved in the Florida Tomato Committee office, prior to any shipments occurring. Completed applications can be sent to the Committee office or emailed to Upon receipt and approval or disapproval of a receiver application, notification will be sent to you and the corresponding receiver.

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