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Chef Justin Timineri
Executive Chef and Culinary Ambassador
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

The Florida tomato is one of the most versatile vegetables there is,” Chef Justin says. “They are always at the top of my shopping list and thus my ‘go to’ vegetable! I prefer Florida tomatoes because I can always rely on their quality and taste, better tomatoes mean better results in the kitchen. Florida tomatoes are a main component anytime I work on creating recipes or conducting cooking demonstrations. Too often we see orders for produce grown outside the United States when there are better choices from U.S. growers available. Florida tomatoes are some of the most safe and regulated in the industry, and when you add that to the fact that they simply taste great it’s a no-brainer. I want to challenge all consumers to rediscover the many benefits of utilizing Florida tomatoes.”

Justin Timineri, certified executive chef, author, award winner, teacher, television personality and international culinary ambassador is helping the world to rediscover simple healthy cuisine.

Having grown up in his home state of Florida, Justin was exposed at an early age to the many cultures and cuisines from this diversified part of the country. His straight forward approach to cooking that relies on simple ingredients combined with fresh seasonal produce is a model for the new American cook.

Through apprenticeship, certification, practical experience and a natural passion for food and people, Chef Justin is constantly working to improve the way we eat. His teaching efforts go beyond the measuring cup and are firmly planted within the farm. Agriculture and its natural growing seasons is the main inspiration behind his unique creations.

The culmination of his work experience from an event chef for NASCAR, PGA and the Kentucky Derby to several top level chef positions around his hometown of Tallahassee including serving as chef at the Governors Mansion led him to his current duty as Culinary Ambassador for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

As Executive Chef for the Department’s Division of Marketing and Development, Justin’s responsibilities include promoting all of Florida’s freshest commodities, creating new recipes, attending trade events around the world, performing cooking demonstrations and educating children on the value of healthy food choices and proper nutrition.

Justin’s philosophy on food is a simple one: “Cooking should always be fun, simple, and flavorful”. He always keeps nutrition in mind and enjoys cooking with fresh, local, and regionally harvested foods.